// $3,000 PACKAGE

Being an ELITE Sponsor is an opportunity for you to get your eyes in front of the the thousands that will attend VYPERFEST. With this sponsorship, your brand will receive:

1. Banner Advertising: your brand logo will be placed on the side of our company building that will be seen by thousands throughout the day and during the band.

2. T-Shirt Advertising: your brand logo will be placed on every VYPERFEST T-Shirt given out and sold at VYPERFEST. This opportunity gets your brand out there even after the event is done.

3. Email Advertising: Your brand will be placed on all of our email flows that will be sent and seen by thousands of viewers.

4. Social Media Advertising: As we promote the brand on our social media sites that consist of over 40,000+ followers and tens of thousands of viewers, your logo will be placed on the VYPERFEST Social Promotions

5. Website Advertising: Your brand logo will be placed on our website for the VYPERFEST page hosted on our Vyper Industrial website that receives more than 150,000+ site visits per month.

6. 10 Free Tickets